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Hop Ball

So I told you all I'm going to be posting some brewing stuff on here, so don't say you weren't warned!  This is just a quick post, but I wanted to pass along this little doodad I've been using for keeping hop gunk contained during a brew session:

NEW, Extra-Large Jumbo-Size, Twist-Lock Spice Ball Tea Infuser Herb Infuser, Stainless Steel, Extra Large Size (4" x 4")

On may last brew day it kept almost all hop mess out of my pump / chiller, even though the screen on it seemed too coarse at first glance.  Plus, it's cheap and an Amazon Prime item ... get some!

Turkea Culpa

Hey turkey lovers!  As you can plainly see the site is back up (with a totally different style) after months of being offline.  No good excuse for it;  things got crazy for a long time at my day job and I kept putting this off. Sorry for the radio silence folks; this is now the end of the apology section.

Looking forward, I am determined to keep this site both alive and at least somewhat active.  In a departure from the old site, I will be posting other things in addition to just TBG news -- so be prepared for me to post about home brewing, enterprise software development, video game reviews, and sous vide recipes.

Beyond the site itself, I plan to forge ahead on some new opportunities for TBG in the coming months. Expanding the business while holding down my position as Application Architect at a fortune 200 company has proved a big challenge for the past year and a half -- but I really want to find a way to make both work.

I know I said the apology was over, but here's a kitten to drive home the point: